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Smart Litigator is the comprehensive and affordable New York-specific practice solution. Become a subscriber to gain easy and quick access to everything a busy litigator need to practice effectively:


  • Searchable archive of columns from the New York Law Journal since 2003
  • Access to five New York treatises and four monthly Law Journal Newsletters


  • Database of state and federal court cases and statutes for all 50 states
  • Federal cases going back to 1754
  • Published state and appellate cases for all 50 states dating back to 1950 or earlier
  • Decisions from the New York Law Journal dating back to 2003, including hard-to-find unpublished opinions


  • Access more than 750 courses from, plus 17 New York bundles on litigation, IP, corporate and securities, criminal, employment, ethics, immigration, real estate and more
  • Providers include ALM and more than 30 partners

Featured Case Files

  • Entire case files from top New York litigators on our Board of Contributors
  • Including: Pre-Trial Pleadings and Documents, Discovery Requests and Responses, Pre-Trial Motions, Trial Documents and Transcripts, Post-Trial Documents and Appellate Briefs

Forms & Checklists

  • Court-tested forms and practice checklists from top New York litigators
  • Searchable database of more than 1,700 forms


  • Profiles of all New York State and Federal Court judges, including contact information, biographical information and links to all Smart Litigator content associated with that judge


  • Searchable archive of news articles from the New York Law Journal dating back to 2003
  • Full online subscription to the New York Law Journal available

Practice Q & A

  • Top New York litigation experts on our Board of Contributors answer subscribers’ frequently asked procedure and practice area questions
  • Covers more than ten areas of practice from Commercial to Zoning and Land Use

Rules and Regulations

  • New York Codes, Rules and Regulations


  • New York Consolidated Laws
  • New York Unconsolidated Laws
  • New York Court Acts
  • United States Code
  • Access to statutes for all 50 states

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Basic access includes the past 12 months of New York verdicts and settlements from the VerdictSearch database with approximately 800 cases available
  • Upgrade to the VerdictSearch National database, including full archive access to more than 27,000 New York cases and cases from all states

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